1990 Air-A-Plane Ingersoll Rand SAS2000D Compressor

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ManufacturerAir-A-Plane Ingersoll Rand
EngineCummins Onan diesel engine
Length21' 10"
Height7' 2"


  • Refurbished in Feb 2023

Painted with a high build epoxy primer, polyurethane paint & a clear coat. 

  1. New batteries (2)
  2. Full PM on diesel engine
  3. New muffler
  4. Repacked wheel bearings
  5. All air gauges replaced (5)
  6. Checked indicator / safety lights. Replaced as needed
  7. Checked and topped off as needed air compressor oil
  8. Checked and confirmed good operation of kunkle valve operation
  9. Checked for air leaks. Repaired as needed
  10. Replaced air delivery hose sleeve / scuff w/ new
  11. Replaced air lines as needed
  12. Installed (2) isolator air valves
  13. Installed new ignition switch
  14. Installed new circuit breakers for glow plugs